A question I get a lot from other artists is how I stay inspired. I have found it helpful to take pictures of things that inspire me. Things that live in my folder on inspiration consists of: plants, shadows, bright colors, paint pallets, pictures of my friends, others art work, crystals, weird selfies, etc etc...

With this post I want to share a few photos from my inspiration folder. The photos I choose are ones I took along my travels. These are color focused photos where I draw color pallets from or plan to. Description of photos are below. 

From left to right:
Half smooth mushroom at raven rock state park North Carolina 2015
Glitch bark at raven rock state park 2015
Cactus drums 2017
Sail boats in Copenhagen 2017
Leopard gecko rainbow 2017
Wild foraged grapes, golden rod, sumac and chicken eggs in a basket 2017
Light coming though a stain glass window onto sheep skin 2018